About me

tl;dr here’s my CV!

I’m a recent graduate of Macalester College who studied statistics and geography. I currently work at the Metropolitan Council in Regional Policy and Research. I’m particularly interested in topics like geographic data science, data visualization, spatial statistics, open data, and reproducible research.

Aside from these things, I’m an avid distance runner 🏃, biography reader 📚, podcast listener 🎧, and Twitter lurker 👓! My favorite things to listen to right now are It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders, 99% Invisible, and Nerdette.

Image of me in front of a waterfall

Most of my time right now is spent working on graduating (!) and maintaining a shapefile of the voting precincts in Ohio, a project affiliated with the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group. We are also working on evaluating claims of gerrymandering in the state with Gerrychain, a Python library for “using Markov chain Monte Carlo methods to study the problem of gerrymandering” built by many great people from the Voting Rights Data Institute and MGGG.

artistic representation of Ohio's precincts. Many of the counties had only images, or no data at all.

I’ve also compiled a list of data science resources, written an R package for the Advice Slip API, and built a Rupi Kaur-style poem generator and Valentine’s Day conversation heart generator with Markov chains. I also love speaking at R Ladies- Twin Cities. In the past I’ve presented on data wrangling, data visualization, GitHub, and spatial data.